MBA in France: Overview

France is famous for the Eiffel tower, the Monalisa, and escargot. The country filled with history is a popular tourist destination for both young couples and fashion forward types!

But France is more than that.

France is among the world’s top ten largest economies and stands in the third position in the European Union. It is one of the top countries in the Fortune Global 500 with around thirty biggest companies in the World.

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Globally, France is also considered among one of the best places for higher education.

Keeping the subject specifics aside, France houses three of the top 100 universities in the world. There are five best business schools like HEC, INSEAD which fall under the top business schools around the world.

Any wonder then, that France is also attractive to MBA applicants?

Let’s have a detailed discussion of how and where in France can you apply for an international MBA course.

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Benefits of MBA in France

 A leading Economy

Although France is among the world’s largest economies, it has recently developed some issues like unemployment and a drop in economic growth. The political tensions, global trade hardship, rising cost of oil, and the Euro’s condition are slowing the country’s growth. However, there are some upsides as well:

  • France is one of the countries that recovered fastest from the recession. The production of economic goods was slow. However, the GDP of goods and services has seen a growth of two percent.
  • Various foreigners have targeted France for direct investment. In 2017, around forty billion Euros was invested by foreigners in the country.
  • Various reforms are currently taken, which will help the country’s stagnant economy grow and help develop skills to avoid unemployment.

New graduates from business schools are developing skills which reflect a positive impact on the French economy.

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Quality of Business Schools in France

The French education system is one of the best around the World and is divided between Grandes Ecoles and Universities. There are around half a million international students with the support of government funds. Around twelve million dollars are set aside by the government for future funds.

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Best B-Schools

 The Best Business Schools in France

Based on Best European Ranking 2020 by Financial Times, we have a list of top B-schools in France. The tanking is based on full-time EMBA, MBA, and MIM programs.

Rank 2020Business SchoolCountryFull-time MBA 2020EMBA 2020 #*Masters in Management 2020
1HEC ParisFrance31 (2)2
3InseadFrance / Singapore / UAE16 (3)
6Essec Business SchoolFrance24183
8ESCP Business SchoolFrance / UK / Germany / Spain / Italy / Poland46
14Edhec Business SchoolFrance / UK / Singapore242515
20EMLyon Business SchoolFrance / Morocco / China203324


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Top MBA Programs

Top Full-Time MBA Programs in France

Now, the question is which university is best for your MBA course in France.

Let’s have a look at the top MBA courses in France:

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Ranking of Top MBA Programs in France as Per Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2021

Rank in 2021School nameDuration Weighted salary (US$)Salary percentage increaseTuition (Approx.)
1Insead10 months18843296$97,000 – $99,000
7HEC Paris16 months168436118$81,000
76Edhec Business School10 months11236857$49,000
81Essec Business School1 Year10679563$56,000
90EMLyon Business School1 Year9191369$43,000

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Affordable MBA Options

 Cheapest MBA Options in France

France is a country of reputation and also the center of research and innovation. The country has always welcomed foreigners to attend schooling and universities here from all over the world. France has all the good reasons to be an excellent place for MBA programs. If you are in doubt, you can do your research on the top management schools of the country and the top colleges nominated for MBA worldwide. Various elite B-schools are at a Global level today. If you are considering an MBA course from France, you might have to worry about the course’s costs. We have assembled a list of affordable MBA programs in France.

Different Paths to Achieve Your MBA Goals

S.No.CollegeFirst Year Tuition Fee In EurFirst year Tuition Fee in INR*
1ESG Management School       5,250.00     4,66,935
2EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science       9,900.00     8,80,506
3EFREI Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies     10,000.008,89,400
4Neoma Business School     10,674.009,49,345
5Paris School of Business     12,000.0010,68,000


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Jobs in France after MBA

Automotive, insurance, retail, aerospace, banking sectors, technology, and pharmaceuticals made the list of Fortune Global 500 in France. Michelin, Christian Dior, Saint -Gobain, Schneider Electric, and L’Orial are famous. The top management schools are the best finishing school for graduates to secure a well-paid job and leap ahead in their career in Europe and around the World.

For example, about eighty percent of the international graduates of EDHEC’s of the MBA class of 2018 secured postings away from their home country around the Globe. Around two-thirds of them got jobs within the EU.

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The trend of job offers by business schools is not limited to a few. As per the Corporate Recruiter Survey of GMAC, Asian and European companies tend to hire international students than US firms. The international working with the US is generally anxious about the uncertain future policies of the company.

Compared to 71% of the European ones, only 48% of the US companies hire international employers. Therefore, if you are looking for a career in France or within the EU, then an MBA graduate degree from France is the best option.

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Scholarships to Study in France

Although the French state universities’ fees are feeblest, some international students try to make a budget. Therefore, we have made a list of regional and institutional scholarship options for them.

  • Ile-de-France Masters Scholarships: The Regional Council of Ile-de-France has organized the scholarship for international students applying for a master’s program in the state. The scholarship is open to all. However, students from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, and the new European States are given special preference.
  • The Eiffel Scholarship: The ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs has developed a funding program where decent French Universities can apply. It aims at the international students looking for a diploma or. a higher course of studies like masters and PH.D. The scholarship covers the four main categories: political science, Law, Engineering sciences, and Economy and Management.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: The Erasmus Mundus scholarship is organized by the European Union and offered to European and International students. The students applying for Doctorate and masters level or both can enjoy the fund.


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Eligibility for MBA in France

France houses some elite business schools; here is everything you will need to make it into one.

Bachelor’s qualification

Undergraduate training is mandatory for all business schools. HEC Paris is one of the popular schools which requires a minimum work experience or great scores that will make you stand out and waive off an undergraduate degree.

Work Experience

Major business schools require at least two to three years of work experience. An average profile from the previous year’s class show six or more years of experience. Qualities of leadership, teamwork, initiative, and management skills are qualities that schools assess through work experience.

Test Score

A GRE or GMAT score of the applicant helps the B-schools analyze the basic zeal through analytical, quant, and verbal skills. Elite business schools require GMAT scores over 690.

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