Scholarships to Study in France

Although the French state universities’ fees are feeblest, some international students try to make a budget. Therefore, we have made a list of regional and institutional scholarship options for them.

  • Ile-de-France Masters Scholarships: The Regional Council of Ile-de-France has organized the scholarship for international students applying for a master’s program in the state. The scholarship is open to all. However, students from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, and the new European States are given special preference.
  • The Eiffel Scholarship: The ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs has developed a funding program where decent French Universities can apply. It aims at the international students looking for a diploma or. a higher course of studies like masters and PH.D. The scholarship covers the four main categories: political science, Law, Engineering sciences, and Economy and Management.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: The Erasmus Mundus scholarship is organized by the European Union and offered to European and International students. The students applying for Doctorate and masters level or both can enjoy the fund.

Some universities also offer scholarships for International Students, which have been listed below:

  • Centrale out Nantes Elite Scholarship: Ecole Centrale de Nantes has taken up the initiative for providing funds to the international students accepted for the first year of their master’s course.
  • Emile-Boutmy Scholarship by the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po): The scholarship is named after the fund’s founder, Sciences PO, and is offered to brilliant international students. The fund is entirely based on the student’s suitability and merit as per the type of course they choose. Social criteria are also one of the major norms of the fund.
  • The ISM Scholarships: Merit-based and need-based scholarships are provided by the International School of Management in France. The fund is provided as per the talents, abilities, academics (tuition assistance scholarship), strong research skills (Publication Scholarship), economic status(Deans opportunity scholarship), and for women coming back to the academic field after a break with Women in Business scholarship.

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