Benefits of MBA in France

 A leading Economy

Although France is among the world’s largest economies, it has recently developed some issues like unemployment and a drop in economic growth. The political tensions, global trade hardship, rising cost of oil, and the Euro’s condition are slowing the country’s growth. However, there are some upsides as well:

  • France is one of the countries that recovered fastest from the recession. The production of economic goods was slow. However, the GDP of goods and services has seen a growth of two percent.
  • Various foreigners have targeted France for direct investment. In 2017, around forty billion Euros was invested by foreigners in the country.
  • Various reforms are currently taken, which will help the country’s stagnant economy grow and help develop skills to avoid unemployment.

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New graduates from business schools are developing skills which reflect a positive impact on the French economy.

Quality of Business Schools in France

The French education system is one of the best around the World and is divided between Grandes Ecoles and Universities. There are around half a million international students with the support of government funds. Around twelve million dollars are set aside by the government for future funds.

The Ecoles and universities are also investing in higher degrees like post-graduation, which are taught entirely in English.

INSEAD and HEC are some of the best business schools topping the ranking bodies like QS, Financial Times, The Economist, and others.

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Some of the elite business schools in France are:


HEC Paris

Lyon Business School

Essec Business School

Grenoble Ecole de Management

EDHEC Business School


MBA Cost and Duration

 The MBA programs in France are almost less than a year. Compared to North American universities, an MBA course in France costs around fifty to sixty thousand dollars.

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Life in France

 France is one of the most desirable tourist destinations. There are various spots that tourists love to visit and activities like trying French food, cheese, wine, and other amazing things that you can do in the country.

When you visit the country to study and stay, you will slowly adapt to the culture and enjoy the local pastimes and interests.

French is is the sixth most spoken language around the globe. Therefore, learning the language will help you with various job opportunities. French is an official language in NATO, UNESCO, and various other sectors.

As long as you are a French resident, medical issues are taken care of by the state. International students have their insurance covered by the university. Residents who are living there for three years or more can get the opportunity to be covered under government funds.

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The chart of daily expenses in some of the popular France cities.

CityCost of living per monthFood expense per monthRent per month
Paris$1,000$400$900 – $1,300


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