Why Study MBA in the USA?

The United States of America has some of the most noteworthy and esteemed business schools in the world. The MBA program enjoys a special status when obtained from the crème de la crème of these American colleges.

With all the top MBA recruiters residing in America, the country offers many favourable positions in top businesses for MBA graduates, adding to the plethora of reasons why an MBA in the USA is a lucrative choice.

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What makes the USA so popular among MBA seekers?

51 of the best 100 MBA programs, graded by the Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings, are from the US. Furthermore, there is a valid justification for the particularly uncontested rule of USA over the domain of business education. The MBA degree itself began or, in a sense, originated in the country as a way to give an educational certification to the study of business.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton in the 1800s originally started preparing students with the parts of managing a fruitful business – bookkeeping, finance, legal, promotions, activities, and much more.

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Dartmouth’s Tuck took it further to a postgraduate education while it Harvard bestowed the first-ever MBA. The remainder of the country, and steadily the entire world, started to value this American model of providing its students and the future directors with academic preparation versus allowing them to learn hands-on at work.

The USA is the world’s biggest economy with the highest GDP per capita. Furthermore, that is one of the reasons for the success of the presumed US Business schools – a steady demand for MBA graduates is always on tap in the USA.

For example, 42% of the Financial Times Global 500 rankings, from 2018, were US-based organizations. These corporate giants are also the nation’s absolute biggest businesses, and consequently the biggest recruiters.

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Multicultural Society

American society has always been welcoming immigrants from all over the world, and that is how modern America, as it exists today, was formed. The USA is home to multiple cultures and the lifestyle, work habits, education, arts, music, media, sports, and more emenating from the USA have made a considerable impact on the world. Thanks to this, USA has what is called ‘soft-power’ – a culture that pervades into countries as far as Japan and India.

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Indeed, most unfamiliar societies grow up exposed to the US media, in a way preparing its kin to the manners of American life in advance. In a way, while students who travel to the US for schooling face different shades of difficulties (Read the experience of moving to the US from India and Cultural issues looked by Indian understudies in the USA), they have an advantage of working in a climate with a general language and a commonality which perhaps may be unfamiliar however surely are not unrelatable.

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Quality of Life

One of the significant hurdles while receiving a world-class education and that international students face is the cost of college and living in the country till their education is completed.

However, there are great solutions to manage your education and other expenses, including grants, associations, assistantships, and even schooling credit which reduces the financial burden of achieving an MBA degree.

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Once you beat the odds of the education cost, compensation for MBAs in the USA are very fulfilling, frequently ranging from $100,000 to nearly $200,000.

Here is the typical cost for essential items across the USA that you can expect to post your MBA, contingent upon which city you are in, and you may think that it is helpful to place your post-MBA pay in context:

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Per monthNew York City (NY)San Francisco (CA)Houston (TX)Chicago (IL)Seattle (WA)
Rent for one BHK$2,000 – $3,200$2,800-$3,400$950-$1,400$1,200-$1,800$1,600-$2,000
Household Cost$1,200$1,200$800$980$1,100
Quality of Life Index*141.8172.4168.9155.9188.9


*Overall quality based on safety, pollution, health, purchasing power, commute, climate, income, and living cost. The higher the index, the better is the quality of life.

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For examination, the personal satisfaction list in Bangalore (India) is 118.1, Shanghai (China) is 72.6, London (UK) is 110.3, and Sydney (Australia) is 161.8.  With lucrative and highly paid work, which one generally gets after an MBA, you can hope to live serenely, in the solace and comfort of the American way of life.

USA offers one of the most rewarding salaries around the world post achievement of an MBA degree. Given underneath is a chart contrasting the average yearly compensations offered in different districts of the globe:

Average Salary (USD) by region


RegionAverage Salary
North America123,900
Western Europe102,900
Africa and Middle East88,700
Asia Pacific90,300
Eastern Europe72,100
Latin America80,900


  • 91% of over 960 recruiters prefer hiring USA’s MBA graduates as per GMAC reports.
  • Some Business schools have a payback time of hardly 4 years. Some of these include Michigan State University, Texas A&M University, etc.
  • An annual increment of 11% is observed in most sectors in USA on average after appraisal.

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Types of MBA Programs Offered in the USA


USA universities offer a wide range of options to choose from according to your interest and are flexible according to your choice. With these diverse options, students often get overwhelmed while selecting the most suitable program for them. Therefore, the aspects to be kept in mind while selecting the MBA plans are career objectives, the amount of time devoted to the course, admission prerequisites, and the cost of attendance.

The table is given below outlines important information on the type of MBA courses offered by USA universities.

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Type of ProgramProgram DurationB-School Popular for ProgramAverage Work Experience RequiredProgram Schedule
Full-time MBA1-2 yearsStanford, Harvard, UPenn, Chicago-Booth, MIT3+ yearsRegular classes
Part-time MBAEqual to or more than 3 yearsMIT, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia University0 to 3 yearsEvening classes
Online MBA2 yearsIndiana University, University of North Carolina, University of Florida0 to 3 yearsNo strict schedule can be planned as suitable
Executive MBA2 yearsUPenn Wharton, MIT, Yale, NorthwesternMore than 8 years of experienceWeekend classes
Early Career MBAEqual to or more than 2 yearsChicago-Booth, UPenn Wharton, UCLA0 yearsRegular classes
Global MBA1-2 yearsHarvard, New York UniversityMore than 8 years of experienceRegular classes
Certificate Program1-2 semesters (differs by the business school)MIT, HarvardNot required4-6 course modules

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Top MBA Specializations at Business Schools in the USA

Another major determinant that may be important while making the informed choice when selecting the MBA program that you may want to pursue is the specialization you want to opt for.

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According to the QS MBA Specialization Rankings 2019, the accompanying USA colleges got the top ranks for various MBA specializations. Given beneath are the mainstream specialization and different business colleges in USA that rule the roost for different MBA specializations:


Best business schools for Consulting in USA

Columbia University (#2)

Harvard University (#3) 

Best business schools for Finance in USA

UPenn- Wharton (#1)

Harvard (#2)

Columbia (#3)

Best business schools for IT & Information Management in USA 

MIT- Sloan (#1)

Northwestern University (#2)

Stanford (#3)

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Best business schools for Marketing in USA

Stanford University (#1)

Northwestern- Kellogg (#2)

UCLA- Anderson (#3)

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Best business schools for Operations Management in USA

MIT- Sloan (#1)

Erasmus- RSM (#3)

Best business schools for Technology Management in USA 

MIT- Sloan (#1)

UC Berkeley- Haas

Stanford University (#3)

Best business schools for Entrepreneurship in USA 

Stanford University (#1)

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