CMAT 2020 Examination Analysis

The CMAT 2020 exam was conducted today (January 28) from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The exam was of medium difficulty level, and the General Knowledge (GK) section was quite challenging. The detailed evaluation of CMAT 2020 has been shared below. This CMAT 2020 paper analysis consists of an in-depth analysis of the question paper’s structure and difficulty level, the number of questions to answer for a good score in section and the expected cut-offs for MBA admission. 

CMAT 2020 Analysis: Highlights

  • The CMAT 2020 exam was conducted by NTA in a single slot from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • The number of sections, number of questions and marking scheme for this year’s exam was the same as last year
  • Four marks will be awarded for every correct answer and one mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer
  • The CMAT exam was held for 180 minutes and there was no time limit specific to each section.
  • About 70,000 MBA aspirants took this examination based on which they can apply to over 1000 MBA colleges in India.

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CMAT 2020 Analysis

The CMAT 2020 exam was moderate in terms of the difficulty level and based on the views of experts solving close to 80-85 questions with 90% accuracy can fetch a good score. Among the four sections, The Logical Reasoning was the easiest. The Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation section was of moderate difficulty and most of the questions were on Arithmetic. The questions from the Language Comprehension section were mostly straight forward. However, a majority of the students found the General awareness section quite challenging. The section below discusses the question paper break-up, section-wise difficulty level and the number of good attempts.

SectionQuestionsDifficultyGood Attempts
Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation25Moderate22-24
Logical Reasoning25Easy21-23
Language Comprehension25Moderate21-23
General Awareness25Moderate14-15

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CMAT 2020 Question Paper Break-Up

Language Comprehension section:

TopicsNumber Of Questions
Reading Comprehension6
Synonyms / Antonym1
FIB (Vocabulary)- 2 Blanks2
FIB (Grammar)1
Word definition3
Paragraph Jumbles2
Meaning of phrase1
Antonym/ synonym of the underlined word5
Sentence Correction1

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation section:

TopicsSpecificsNumber of Questions
ArithmeticPercentages, Time-speed-distance, Time-work, Ratio-Proportion, Profit & Loss, Compound Interest, Averages10
GeometryMensuration, Triangles2
Modern MathProbability, Permutation - Combination, Venn Diagram5
NumbersHCF, LCM1
Data InterpretationTable4

Logical Reasoning section:

TopicsNumber of Questions
Coding -decoding2
Blood Relations4
Series completion2
Logic Based3
Symbol Based1
Venn Diagram1
Number Grid1
Visual reasoning2
Verbal Reasoning (Strong/Weak Argument)2
Verbal Reasoning(Analogy)1
Verbal Reasoning (Odd one out)2
Verbal Reasoning (Syllogism)2

General Awareness section:

TopicsNumber of Questions
India Events11
International Events9

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Expected CMAT Cut Offs for 2020 Admission

The table below contains the expected CMAT cut off percentiles of some of India’s top MBA colleges.

Colleges Accepting CMAT ScoreExpected CMAT Cut Off Percentiles
JBIMS, Mumbai99.9+
Goa Institute of Management95-99
KJ Somaiya Institute of Management95-99
SIMSREE, Mumbai99.9+
Great Lakes Institute of Management95-99
IPE Hyderabad90-95
University of Pune, Dept of Management Sciences95-99
Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai85
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore80
Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management85
IFIM Bangalore85
IFMR Chennai85
NIBM Pune85
NL Dalmiya Institute of Management85
IMT Hyderabad80
IMT Nagpur80
XISS Ranchi80
ITM Navi Mumbai80
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida85

Analysis of the CMAT question paper over the years

Though last year, the conducting body has changed from AICTE to NTA, the test structure and exam pattern has remained unchanged over the years. The table below highlights the CMAT exam pattern which is similar in past five years.

SectionsNumber of QuestionsMarksTime Duration
Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation25100180 minutes
Logical Reasoning25100
Language Comprehension25100
General Awareness25100

CMAT question paper analysis of the last five years

The following is an analysis of the CMAT exam conducted in the last five years. The CMAT question papers have remained the same over the last couple of years except for variations in the difficulty levels.

CMAT Paper Analysis 2019

In 2019, the CMAT exam was held in two slots and the question paper was divided into four sections of 25 questions each. While there were minor differences in the question papers of Slot 1 and Slot 2, the overall difficulty level was the same – Moderate.

CMAT 2019 Slot 1 Sectional Analysis

SectionsQuestionsDifficulty Level
Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation25Moderate
Logical Reasoning25Moderate to difficult
Language Comprehension25Moderate to difficult
General Awareness25Moderate to difficult

CMAT 2019 Slot 2 Analysis

SectionsQuestionsDifficulty Level
Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation25Moderate to difficult
Logical Reasoning25Moderate
Language Comprehension25Moderate to difficult
General Awareness25Moderate to difficult

CMAT Paper Analysis 2018

CMAT 2018 exam was held in a single slot from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The question paper was of medium difficulty. The Data Interpretation was quite long and the Logical Reasoning was tough. The General Knowledge section was also quite difficult.

SectionsQuestionsDifficulty Level
Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation25Moderate to difficult
Logical Reasoning25Moderate to difficult
Language Comprehension25Moderate
General Awareness25Moderate to difficult

 CMAT Paper Analysis 2017

The questions were moderately difficult. The GK section and the English section were simple. The questions from Logical Reasoning and Quant sections were a bit difficult.

 CMAT Paper Analysis 2016

CMAT 2016 had questions which were of moderate difficulty. The quantitative section had some challenging questions and this section was centred on basic arithmetic. The reasoning section was simple and the questions were mainly on linear and circular arrangements, directions, relationships, codes and syllogisms. The Verbal Ability and General Knowledge sections were manageable. The English section was dominated by sentence corrections, fill in the blanks, vocabulary, jumbled sentences and basic grammar and the GK section had more current affairs questions than static GK.

 CMAT Paper Analysis 2015

In 2015 the CMAT was conducted in September and February and the question paper was of moderate difficulty. While the Quant section had the usual questions, the English section had a good number of critical reasoning questions. The Reasoning section was of moderate difficulty while General Awareness had a few offbeat questions.  

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FAQs on CMAT question papers

Q: How difficult is the CMAT exam?

A: The CMAT exam is usually of moderate difficulty. Based on the trend of the last few years, the quant section is usually tougher than the other sections.

Q: What is the total time limit for the CMAT exam?

A: CMAT exam is held for three hours from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Q: Is there a sectional time limit in CMAT exam?

A: No. However, it is important to time yourselves well so that you can complete the question paper.

Q: Will marks be deducted if I leave a question unanswered?

A: There will be no deduction of marks for skipping a question.

Q: Which section carries the maximum weightage?

A: All sections in CMAT exam have equal weightage.

Q: What kind of questions can I expect in the General Awareness section of CMAT?

A: The general awareness section of the CMAT exam will have questions from static GK, current affairs and business news.

Q: Is there any sectional cut off to clear CMAT exam?

A: No, there is no sectional cut off in CMAT. However, to get a good overall score it is important to score well in each section.

Q: What must I do if there is a question from a topic that I haven’t prepared from?

A: In case of a question from a topic that you haven’t prepared from, you can always skip the question as there is no negative marking for unanswered questions.

Q: Will the CMAT answer key be released the same day of the exam?

A: No, the answer key is generally released a few days after the exam.

Q: Can I attempt the General Awareness section at the end?

A: In CMAT, the candidates can choose to answer the questions in any order.

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