CMAT 2020 Examination Results

The CMAT 2020 result has been published by the National Testing Agency (NTA) along with the final answer key and the all India merit list. Candidates can download their CMAT result-cum-scorecard by using their login IDs. The CMAT 2020 exam was held on January 28, 2020, and the answer key was released on January 30, 2020. Gopaljee Jha scored 100 percentile and is the exam topper while seven candidates have scored 99.99 percentile. A total of 62397 test takers have cleared the CMAT 2020 examination.

How to Check your CMAT 2020 Result?

The CMAT result 2020 can be downloaded from the official website of NTA. Follow the steps mentioned below to download your CMAT scorecard cum result:

  • Go to the official website of CMAT
  • Click on ‘View CMAT 2020 scorecard‘ tab 
  • Give your CMAT 2020 login credentials (application number and password or date of birth)
  • Download the CMAT scorecard and save it on your desktop

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Details Mentioned on CMAT Scorecard

The CMAT 2020 result cum scorecard will contain the following details:

  • Candidate’s name and roll number
  • Candidate’s date of birth
  • Category and Gender
  • Father’s name
  • CMAT registration number
  • CMAT score (sectional)
  • CMAT score (overall)
  • CMAT percentile (sectional)
  • CMAT percentile (overall)
  • CMAT 2020 rank
  • Qualifying status
  • Contact details of the candidate

CMAT 2020 Toppers

Here is list of candidates who scored the top 20 ranks in the CMAT 2020 examination:

NameAll India RankCMAT Score/Percentile
Gopaljee Jha1347/100
100 percentile
Fahad Nizam2342/100
99.99 Percentile
Jeet Mukherjee3340/100
99.99 Percentile
Gautam Bhugra4340/100
99.99 Percentile
Sushant Kumar5338/100
99.99 percentile
Kalisetty Udaya Sandhya Lakshmi Devi6338/100
99.99 percentile
Nidhish Deshpande7335/100
99.99 percentile
Archit Kottapalli8335/100
99.99 percentile
Divyansh Tiwari9330/100
99.98 percentile
Abhishek Jha10339/100
99.98 percentile
99.98 percentile
Haridev C12327/100
99.98 percentile
Sadhwahi Nikhil Harish13327/100
99.98 percentile
Bhandwale Abhijeet Suderrao14327/100
99.98 percentile
Supreet Gupta15325/100
99.97 percentile
Mukul Kumar16325/100
99.97 percentile
Siddhant Nair17324/100
99.97 percentile
Tarun Garg18323/100
99.97 percentile
Saurav Tyagi19322/100
99.97 percentile
Narayan Sharma20322/100
99.97 percentile

How to Calculate the CMAT Score?

CMAT scores are calculated on the basis of the weightage of each question. Here’s how the CMAT scores are arrived at:

Weightage assigned:

  • For every correct answer 4 marks are allotted
  • For every incorrect answer 1 mark is reduced
  • Unanswered questions are not awarded marks
  • The total CMAT score is arrived at by adding the marks allotted

The all India rank and merit list is on the basis of the overall CMAT result. In case, several candidates have the same CMAT score, the ranking is done on the basis of sectional scores as per the following order:

  1. Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Language Comprehension
  4. General Awareness

How is CMAT Percentile Calculated?

CMAT percentile score is arrived at on the basis of rank vs total number of candidates. Given below is the formula for calculating CMAT percentile.

Formula to Calculate CMAT Percentile:

Percentile P = (100 x Number of candidates who took the examination with raw marks equal to or less than the candidate)/Total number of candidates appeared

For example, if about 10,000 candidates appeared in CMAT and a candidate scored highest marks (340/400). Since they have scored the highest in the exam, their rank will be 1 and the CMAT percentile score will be: 100 x 9999/10,000= 99.99

Your CMAT rank can also be from the given formula:

10,000 – 1/10,000 x 100 = 99.99

For example, In CMAT 2018, three candidates scored 100 percentile and Atul Nimish Kulkarni got the highest score of 341 marks. He was followed by Jhalak Singhal and Maitri Chawra, both of whom scored 335 marks but their overall percentile was 100. Five candidates scored 99.99 percentile (overall) while seven candidates scored 99.98 percentile (overall).

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Two or more candidates getting same rank: In case more than one candidate secures the same rank, the same rank will be assigned to all but the names will be displayed alphabetically. The CMAT rank of the next candidate will then be extended by the number of additional students having the same rank. E.g.: if three students are at the 15th Rank then the subsequent student will be ranked as 18th.

What After CMAT 2020 result declaration?

After the results are declared, candidates can apply to colleges accepting CMAT scores for admission. As there no centralized counseling for CMAT, the candidates have to send individual applications to the colleges/institutions of their choice. Most of the MBA colleges accepting CMAT score, conduct Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) for the selection process.

GD/PI shortlisting

Based on a minimum CMAT cut off candidates are shortlisted for the GD/PI round. Only those who clear the cut off are selected for GD/PI round. 

Final Admission

In the GD round, candidates are grouped into batches of about 8-10 candidates. Based on a given topic to debate on, the candidates are scored by the session moderators.

The PI round is conducted by a panel of experts and the candidate is assessed based on their confidence, communication and problem-solving skills.

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CMAT 2020 Cut Offs

Here is the expected CMAT cut off percentiles for 2020 admission. These are only for the purpose of reference. The actual CMAT 2020 cut-offs could be much higher.

Colleges Accepting CMAT ScoreExpected CMAT Cut Off Percentiles
JBIMS, Mumbai99.9+
Goa Institute of Management95-99
KJ Somaiya Institute of Management95-99
SIMSREE, Mumbai99.9+
Great Lakes Institute of Management95-99
IPE Hyderabad90-95
University of Pune, Dept of Management Sciences95-99
Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai85
Welingkar Institute of Management, Bangalore80
Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management85
IFIM Bangalore85
IFMR Chennai85
NIBM Pune85
NL Dalmiya Institute of Management85
IMT Hyderabad80
IMT Nagpur80
XISS Ranchi80
ITM Navi Mumbai80
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida85

FAQs Regarding CMAT Result 2020

Q: Will I also receive a hard copy of my CMAT result cum scorecard via post?

A: The hardcopy of the CMAT result cum scorecard is not issued to anyone. The results must be downloaded from the official NTA website.

Q: Till when is my CMAT 2020 result cum scorecard available? 

A: Your CMAT score will be available for download from the official website for one year only.

Q: For how long is my CMAT score valid for admission?

A: CMAT exam score is valid for one year. If you appear in CMAT 2020, you will be eligible for admission to the 2020-2022 academic sessions of MBA/PGDM programs. In case you decide to take admission in 2022, you will have to appear for the exam again.

Q: I am unable to login to see my CMAT result. What should I do?

A: In case you are unable to log in, check the following points:
(1). Check the speed of your internet connection as a slow internet connection may hamper the process.
(2). Check if the password entered is correct. In case, you have forgotten your password, use the ‘reset password’ facility to get a new password to log in.
If you are still unable to view your result, contact the CMAT helpdesk.

Q: Does NTA conduct any centralized counseling process for admission through CMAT?

A: No, there is no centralised counselling process conducted by NTA. Candidates will have to apply to the institutes of their choice individually, on the basis of CMAT cut off marks.

Q: Does the CMAT scorecard carry the all India rank?

A: CMAT scorecard does not contain the all India rank. However, a merit list will be released that includes the names of candidates and their all India rank.

Q: Will I get another copy of my CMAT scorecard in case I misplace mine?

A: Yes, you can download your CMAT scorecard again from the official website.

Q: If my score in one of the sections is less, will it affect my overall CMAT score?

A: Your overall CMAT score is the sum total of the marks obtained in each section. Thus, your final score will be affected if you score less marks in one section.

Q: Does NTA announce CMAT cut-offs as well?

A: No, the NTA does not announce CMAT cut-offs. The participating colleges set admission cut-offs of their choice.

Q: How can I apply for admission on the basis of my CMAT result 2020?

A: To apply for admission on the basis of your CMAT score, you have to check the admission cut-offs of colleges accepting CMAT score and apply for admission accordingly.

Q: Is the original copy of CMAT result cum scorecard needed at the time of admission?

A: Yes, the candidates have to present the original copy of their CMAT scorecard at the time of admission.

Q: Is CMAT result the sole criterion for MBA admission?

A: No, the MBA admission is done on the basis of GD/PI and other credentials. The CMAT exam score is used to only shortlist the candidates for GD/PI.

Q: Do I necessarily have to clear sectional cut-offs as well for admission through CMAT?

A: Each CMAT institution has separate selection criteria, thus the candidates are advised to check with the preferred institutes individually.

Q: Will NTA release the merit list along with CMAT 2020 result?

A: Yes, like last year, the NTA is expected to release the merit list containing each candidates’ all India rank and score.

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