CMAT Score vs Percentile: How to Calculate?

CMAT Score vs Percentile – Most candidates after the CMAT 2020 exam are busy evaluating their performance and finding their approximate score. In the CMAT result, your performance is presented in the form of a total score, percentile score and an all India rank. There is a lot of confusion among MBA applicants about the difference between the CMAT score and CMAT percentile. Both the scores are entirely different from each other. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about your CMAT score and percentile and how to calculate it.

We will address the following questions in this article:

  • What is CMAT score?
  • How is CMAT score calculated?
  • How is CMAT rank allotted?
  • What is CMAT percentile?
  • How to calculate CMAT percentile?

What is CMAT Score?

CMAT is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and the results are declared online. Your CMAT score is your total score out of 400 and it is the total of the marks earned in each section.

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How is the CMAT Score Calculated?

CMAT score is based on the number of questions answered by the candidate. Given below is the marking scheme of CMAT 2020:

  • For every correct answer, 4 marks are allotted
  • For every incorrect answer, 1 mark is deducted
  • There is no negative marking for unanswered questions
  • The total score is calculated by adding the marks from each section

The CMAT question paper carries 100 questions, 25 questions for each of the four sections. Total marks allotted are 400. Here is the marking scheme:

CMAT SectionsNumber of sectionsMarks Allotted
Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation25100
Logical Reasoning25100
Language Comprehension25100
General Awareness25100


Suppose in the Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation section you attempted 21 questions out 25. Out of 21, 15 answers were correct and six were wrong. So, your score in the Logical Reasoning section will be 15×4-6 = 50. So out of 100 marks in this section, your score is 54.

Thus you can arrive at your score for each section and a rough idea of your overall CMAT score by adding them together.

How is CMAT Rank Allotted?

CMAT ranks are allotted on the basis of marks scored by a candidate. The All India Rank 1 is allotted to the student who scores the maximum marks out of 400. In 2018 Atul Nimish Kulkarni scored 341/400 and in 2017, Saras Suhane scored 350/100. Both were the toppers for the respective years.

If more than one student gets the same ranking, the names of the students with the same rank are allotted alphabetically. For example last year, the candidate who was ranked AIR 1 scored 341/400. Two candidates scored 335/400 and they were ranked AIR 2. The rank of the next candidate is then extended by the number of additional students having the same rank. E.g.: if three students get 15th Rank then the subsequent candidate will be ranked as 18th.

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How is CMAT Percentile Calculated?

CMAT percentile is calculated based on the rank of the student vs the number of students who appeared in CMAT.

The formula to calculate CMAT Percentile is prescribed by NTA is given below:

NTA Score of a candidate 

Percentile P = (100 x Number of candidates who took the examination with raw marks equal to or less than the candidate)/Total number of candidates appeared    

For example, if 10,000 candidates appeared in CMAT exam. And candidate M has the first Rank, his CMAT percentile score will be: 100 x 9999/10,000= 99.99

You can also calculate the rank with the formula:

Percentile (P) = 10,000 – 1(rank)/10,000 x 100= 99.99.

Similarly, if a person has scored rank 4, his/her percentile will be 99.96.

In CMAT 2019 one candidate among 54516 candidates scored 100 percentile. Five candidates scored 99.99 percentile. Navanshu Surendra Sharma scored 372 marks in total to obtain 100 percentile.

In CMAT 2018, three candidates scored 100 percentile out of 64448 candidates. Atul Nimish Kulkarni secured AIR 1 with 341 marks. He was followed by Jhalak Singhal and Maitri Chawra on AIR 2. They both scored 335 marks. Interestingly, CMAT percentile score of all the three was 100. This implies that the CMAT ranks are based on the total score obtained and not the percentile score.

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