The IIFT 2019-2020 exam was held today across 41 cities at 86 centres in India. The exam was conducted online by the National Testing Agency (NTA), and the question paper had four sections. The exam was moderately difficult.

The analysis of the IIFT 2020 exam explaining the, marking scheme, exam pattern, topic-wise number of questions, topic-wise, section-wise and overall difficulty level, section-wise and overall number of good attempts and expected cut-offs for IIFT admission is explained below:

IIFT 2020 Analysis: Highlights

  • The 2019-2020 IIFT exam was in the online mode conducted by NTA.
  • There were four sections this year as opposed to six sections last year.
  • In comparison to last three years, the IIFT question paper was easier.
  • Total marks was 300.
  • The negative marking scheme was different from last year.
  • For the VARC, DILR and QA section of the exam paper, the marking scheme was: +3 for right answer, -1 for wrong answer
  • For the GK section of the exam paper, the marking scheme was: + 1.5 for right answer and -0.5 for wrong answer
  • There were 35 in DILR, 25 in English and 20 in Quant and 20 questions in GK,
  • The Cut off marks for the IIFT exam paper is expected to be around 105-108

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IIFT 2020 Exam Pattern

The exam structure for the IIFT 2019-2020 exam structure was different this year. The table below highlights the exam pattern of the IIFT 2020 exam.

IIFT SectionNumber Of QuestionsMarks Per QuestionNegative MarkingTotal MarksGood AttemptsSectional Cut-Offs
Quantitative Aptitude253-17510-129-10
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension353-110525+27-30
Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation303-19012-1412-14
General Knowledge201.5-0.5308-103.5-4.5

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Section-wise IIFT 2019-2020 Analysis 

Quantitative Aptitude

This section had 25 questions from Arithmetic, Algebra, Number System, Geometry and Modern Math. This section was moderately difficulty.

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension  

This section had a total of 35, with 19 questions testing verbal ability and 16 testing Reading comprehension. The RC questions were easy. Around 8-10 questions from the Verbal Ability section were moderately difficult, 8-10 questions, while para-jumbles and grammar part of the paper were very easy.

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation

This section was moderately difficult. The questions testing  Data Interpretation was easy while questions testing Logical Reasoning were tough

General Knowledge

The General Knowledge section was moderately difficulty with usual questions from static GK and current affairs. 

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IIFT Exam Analysis: FAQs

Q: How difficult is the IIFT exam?

A: The IIFT exam is always considered moderately difficult with some tricky questions from the  VARC section and calculation-intensive Quants.

Q: The IIFT question paper will be set by which authority this year?

A: The question paper is likely to be set by the IIFT faculty, even though though NTA is conducting the exam this year

Q: Is there a distribution pattern of questions in each section?

A: No. The number of questions vary every year and there is no set pattern of distribution of questions.

Q: In IIFT exam what is considered good attempt?

A: An attempt of 50-55 correct answers is considered a good attempt, out of a question paper having 110 questions.

Q: Do the IIFT Cut offs depend on the difficulty level of the question paper?

A: Yes, the admission cut off may be lower, if the question paper is difficult.

Q: Is there any time limit of the exam? Is there a sectional-time limit like CAT?

A: The total exam time for the IIFT 2020 exam is  2 hours and there is no sectional time-limit in this exam.

Q: What are the minimum number of questions that I need to answer to get a decent score? 

A: An attempt of 50-55 correct answers is considered a good attempt, out of a question paper having 110 questions, and you will get a decent score.

Q: Is the VARC section more difficult in the IIFT exam as compared to other exams?

A: The difficulty level of VARC section of the IIFT exam is different each year and it is not wrong to say that the VARC section of the IIFT exam is usually tougher than other exams.

Q: How many questions will the General Awareness section of the IIFT exam have?

A: The General Awareness section has18-20 questions. They will be in MCQ format.

Q: What is the negative marking scheme for submitting wrong answers?

A: Each section has a different negative marking scheme in the IIFT exam. For each wrong answer, One-third marks is deducted.

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