What is an Online MBA?

If you have a job and you want to complete your MBA, Online MBA can fetch your degree. Technological advances have paved the way for online MBA and it is also called satellite management programs because of its dependence on online mediums.

Online MBA fits working persons who have experience and are looking to upgrade their career and in turn get faster promotions.

Covid-19 is the sole cause that educational institutes are conducting online courses and exams. Online education provides new opportunities for working people to get an education and a qualification alongside their career.

If you’re looking for a job in management, an online MBA program offers the same course except for the way it is taught which is video conferences and digital notes. There are a handful of institutes in India offering online  MBA program with one to two years of courses.

For working professionals, Online MBA programs are conducted part-time for a period of 1 – 4 years. This makes it convenient for the student to work and study at the same time.

An Online MBA degree can fetch you jobs like Corporate associate, finance analyst, credit risk manager, executive and senior executive, etc.

Amity Noida, NIBM Pune, Jaipur National University, Assam Don Bosco University are some UGC approved colleges for online MBA programs.

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However, Top MBA Colleges are starting online courses. IIMs and other business schools have done so because of the growth in MBA courses.

IIM Ahmedabad offers an online MBA as an e-Mode PGP program which can be completed in three years.

You will need an MBA eligibility of a minimum of 50% marks in any stream for an online MBA.

An online MBA program is comparatively cheaper than a regular course of two years. The average fee ranges from INR 50,000 – 1,00,000 in most MBA colleges.

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Why Pursue an Online MBA Program?

Companies look for MBA graduates with leadership and management skills because of the growth in business today. All graduates from a recognised university can apply for a regular MBA program.

However, for working professionals, an online MBA is an ideal choice to study alongside. Online course comes with flexible timings as per the student’s schedule.

Weekend classes, assignments and lectures are also an option for students through an online portal. Students can log in with their particulars and complete their assignments.

Online MBA Programs’ Soaring Popularity Will Continue in 2019

Benefits of an Online MBA

Some merits of an Online MBA course in India are:
● Flexible: Students and professionals can attend classes alongside their full-time or part-time jobs.
● Global exposure: Online courses are open to students all over the world because of no physical barrier. Therefore, students can interact with everyone in a virtual setting.
● Access to top institutions: Online MBA courses exposes students to a multinational setting because of their multiple affiliations. In turn, students can get recruited by various affiliations.
● Affordable: Regular MBA courses are more expensive than online because of the physical and time factors involved. Therefore, attracting more students to achieve career goals.
● Variety of specialisations: Online MBA courses offer students more specialisations to choose from compared to a full-time course.


Distance MBA VS Online MBA

Online MBA vs Distance MBA

There is a vast difference between an online MBA program and a distance MBA program. Both are not the same because students attend online classes with laptops or PCs in the online MBA program.

The need to sit in a regular class is not there. You can attend online classes with the help of several devices like a smartphone, laptop, PC, and a reliable internet connection.

Study Material

Distance MBA

Through the distance MBA mode, study materials are provided to the students. These materials are distributed through the centers that are based throughout India. Most of the major cities have distance education centers for MBA.

Few distance programs require the student to attend practical classes in a nearby college or university that is affiliated with the MBA program. The exam also depends on the university you have enrolled in.

It could be either through post, online, university website or at the educational center that is nearest to your town or city.

Online MBA

Both online MBA and distance MBA programs can meet your educational expectations. In the end, it lies in the dedication of the student. However, the online MBA program is more appealing because the entire course can be completed online.

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Top Colleges

Best Online MBA Colleges in India

Given below is a list of popular colleges in India that offer online MBA programs. You can consider registering in these universities as the scope for employment is excellent.

• Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Noida
Great Lakes Institute of Management
• Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Hyderabad
• Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Indore
• Karnataka State Open University
• NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education, Mumbai
• Venkateshwara Open University, Pune
• ITM University Online, Navi Mumbai
• Amity University, Noida
• Jaipur National University, Jaipur
• National Institute of Business Management, Pune
• Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati
• LN Welingkar WeSchool, Mumbai
• ICFAI University

Top Courses

Best Online MBA in India

The online MBA courses in India are gaining popularity, especially among the working class. That is because it allows them to obtain a valuable degree and enhance their resume without attending regular classes.

 UGC Approved Online MBA Courses

Program NameCollege NameDurationAverage Course Fees
Online MBAAmity University, Noida2 yearsINR 2,50,000
PGDM HBWelingkar Online2 yearsINR 61,000
MBA OnlineVenkateshwara Open University2 yearsINR 61,500
Online MBA ITM University Online2 YearsINR 80,000
MBA Distance EducationPondicherry University2 yearsINR 24,925


Top Online MBA Courses in India

Below is a list of the famous institutions that are known for their online MBA courses in India. Also included are their MBA specialisations, eligibility criteria, and the course fee.

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Online MBA Admission 2021

Online MBA Courses Admission 2021

 Different institutes have different admission criteria for online MBA courses.

  • Exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT with a qualification scorecard not exceeding two years is needed for the application.
  • Some universities having online MBA courses conduct entrance exams with some flexibility for candidates with work experience.
  • While other universities offer direct admission based of merit and work experience if any.

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Online MBA Courses: Syllabus

Both an online MBA program and a regular MBA Syllabus in India follow a similar curriculum. The aim of online MBA programs is to help graduates have knowledge of business and core competencies needed to succeed in workplaces.

Here is a brief on the subjects taught in an online MBA program along with how they can help students in their workplace:

  • Financial modelling helps in analyzing financial statements; financial decision-making using quantitative tools; forecast outcomes using Excel; risk analysis; calculating the time value of money; cash flow, etc.
  • Strategic marketing focuses on preparing and conducting profile and assessment of customers; preparing strategies for products and services, developing data-driven pricing and promotional plans.

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Online MBA Courses Specializations

There are varied specializations in online MBA programs. Here are the options of the popular courses available:

Online MBA CollegesOnline MBA Specializations Offered
Amity University Online●       Entrepreneurship & Leadership

●       Finance & Accounting

●       Global Finance Market

●       Hospitality Management

●       Human Resource Management

●       Information

●       Technology Insurance

●       International Business

●       Marketing & Sales

●       Operations Management

●       Petroleum & Natural Gas

●       Retail Management

Jaipur National University●       Banking & Finance

●       Finance Management

●       Design Management

●       Hospitality Management

●       Investment Management

●       Strategic Finance

●       Risk Management

●       Global Markets

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Jobs & Salaries

Jobs & Salaries After Online MBA

An online MBA graduate can be recruited to different work sectors like :


Sectors for Job After Online MBA
OperationsProject Management
Technology Managemente-Business
Computer SystemGlobal Management
EntrepreneurshipInternational Business
Human ResourceHealthcare
Securities/Investment AnalystFinancial Research Analyst
Financial AdvisorReal Estate
Portfolio ManagerFashion Industry
Operations Research AnalystManagement Analyst
Information Security AnalystHR Specialist
Credit Risk Management AnalystHR Managers
ERP ConsultantsProject Managers
Business AnalystIT Manager
Business Development ManagerCash Managers

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Online MBA Fee in India


Online MBA CollegesAverage Total FeesCourse
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, NoidaRs 30,000Online Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education, MumbaiRs 95,000PGDBM
Amity University Online, NoidaRs 68,000Online MBA/PGDM
Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Center for Online LearningRs 85,000Online MBA
Great Lakes Institute of Management, ChennaiNAExecutive PG Program in Management
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, IndoreRs 25,000Online Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research – Online Distance Learning CentreRs 6.4 LakhPost Graduate Diploma in Management – Hybrid Learning Program
Karnataka State Open UniversityRs 40,000Online MBA
ITM University OnlineRs 80,000Online MBA
Indian School of Business Management and Administration, HyderabadRs 49,900Online MBA


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Online MBA Courses: FAQs

Ques. Who can pursue an online MBA course?

Ans. Any working person with a few years of experience wanting to get a management degree for a corporate career fit an online MBA course.

Ques. How much is the average fee for an online MBA course?
Ans. 1 – 2 lakh is the approximate fee in India.

Ques. What is the minimum eligibility criteria for the online MBA course?
Ans. The aspirant must at least have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.

Ques. Does an online MBA have any value?
Ans. Degrees from Amity, Jaipur National University and NIBM have great value because of changing trends where employers look for more skills and an online MBA may be the ticket.

Ques. Can I complete my online MBA at home?
Ans. Yes, you can pursue an online MBA from home.

Ques. Is an Online MBA taken seriously?
Ans. Yes, it is but the university should be a registered business school with a high value in the market.

Ques. Are there advantages of pursuing an Online MBA course?
Ans. Yes, students have the flexibility to learn, study and attend lectures alongside their jobs. Therefore, gaining education and experience as well to nurture leadership positions and income increment.

Ques. What accreditations should students look for before enrolling in an online MBA program?
Ans. Some accreditations students should check are: Approval by the University Grant Commission (UGC) or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), rankings and other information on the college website.

Ques. What can be done if students face problems related to the curriculum during the online MBA course?
Ans. E-mailing assigned professors, contacting numbers provided by universities can clear doubts. Students get full support from the management during the course.

Ques. How can candidates appear for online MBA examinations?
Ans. Some exams are flexible to the students’ convenience, while others have a set schedule. Case studies, presentations and assignments are submitted in an online portal for professors to evaluate while the degree is awarded after passing the exams.

Ques. Are students given books and study material after enrolment to an online MBA course?
Ans. Yes, they do along with login credentials where students can gain access to online portals for notes, recorded lectures, and participate in discussions. Students can learn from PPT’s and solve mock test before exams to prepare.

Ques. Is Welingkar Institute Online MBA or Symbiosis Online MBA better?
Ans. Both institutes have plus and negative points. You can choose as per your need.

Ques. Can I pursue an executive MBA Online?
Ans. Yes, but students should opt for a reputed and recognized university.

Ques. What is the online MBA course duration?
Ans. Two years is the duration of an online MBA course.

Are there any disadvantages of pursuing an online MBA?
Ans. Yes, lack of internships and a classroom environment, which can pose a challenge to students.

Is it easy to get admission to an online MBA course?
Yes, it is comparatively easier to get into an online MBA course than a regular program because of leniency in selecting. Online courses have more seats than the latter as well.

Do online MBA courses have good specialisations available?
Yes, most MBA specialisations come in online courses as well. Universities also make new specialisations as per the need of the market.

Are placement drives conducted in online MBA courses?
Yes, since it is a part of the course. However, it is optional for students by keeping as a paid add -on to the course after verification before taking admission.

What are the advantages of online MBA courses?
The biggest advantage is the flexibility of pursuing your degree alongside your work. Students can move and complete the course at their pace coupled with the affordable prices for the course compared to a regular course.

Is work experience needed for online MBA admissions?
Some require work experience, while most colleges don’t need it for an online MBA course.

Is there a difference between an online MBA and a distance MBA?
Yes, the difference is the method of teaching. Online MBA is a type of distance learning because of its online platform while most institutes are offering distance MBA courses in full online mode

Does an online MBA degree have the same value as a regular MBA course?
Yes, because the curriculum and assessment process is the same as a regular course. However, students should opt for a recognized school to pursue an online MBA.

Is an online MBA course a good choice for you?
The choice is based on your need and requirement of the degree. If you want to improve your managing skills, or would like a career upgrade with a pay hike, an online MBA can suit you.

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