Average GRE, GMAT & GPAs for Top Online MBA Programs of 2021

It is a known fact that the Graduate Management Admission Test is one of the most vital tests for getting admission into a reputed business school. Due to the pandemic, several MBA programs can be taken in different ways and are most likely to continue offering them.

Like full-time MBA programs, students must write the GMAT, the Graduate Record Exam, and other entrance exams. The online courses, too, expect students to do the same; however, it is secondary to other admissions factors.

The accepted GMAT scores from 42 business schools were taken this year. The average among them was 649.4. Likewise, the business schools that received more than 10% submissions from students saw an average GMAT score of 589.6.

Average GMAT Scores for Top Global Online MBA Ranking programs

SchoolAverage GMAT ScorePercentage of Students Reporting GMAT
Baylor University (Hankamer)6871.70%
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)6777.00%
Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)67183.00%
Creighton University (Heider)6704.00%
Indiana University (Kelley)65032.00%
Imperial College Business School6501.40%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute6401.00%
University of Cincinnati (Lindner)6372.00%
Lehigh University62934.00%
University of Washington (Foster)61951.00%
University of Southern California (Marshall)61828.00%
University of Nebraska-Lincoln61622.40%
University of Michigan-Dearborn6103.00%
Ohio University6100.60%
Auburn University (Harbert)60573.00%
George Washington University6042.00%
University of Maryland (Smith)6049.40%
University of Delaware (Lerner)6037.40%
University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Isenberg)5942.90%
Oklahoma State University (Spears)59241.50%
Arizona State University (W. P. Carey)58746.00%
Santa Clara University (Leavey)5823.00%
University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Manning)5792.00%
Villanova University57723.50%
University of Texas-Dallas (Jindal)57721.00%
University of Florida57640.00%
Kennesaw State University5758.20%
University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium57542.90%
Drexel University (LeBow)5754.00%
University of Utah (Eccles)5679.60%
North Carolina State University (Jenkins)5653.50%
University of North Dakota (Nistler)56335.00%
University of Arizona (Eller)5599.00%
University of South Florida (Muma)55121.00%
Washington State University5417.50%
The College of William & Mary (Mason)5366.70%
Florida International University5100.33%
SUNY Oswego51058.00%
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga50722.00%
American University (Kogod)5000.57%
Louisiana State University4951.10%
University of Denver (Daniels)3800.01%

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Top Online MBA Programs That Don’t Require A GMAT Score 

SchoolU.S. News RankAcceptance RateEnrollmentTotal CostAverage GMAT ScorePercentage of Students Reporting GMAT
University of Southern California (Marshall)564.9%178$111,66361828.0%
George Washington University22T79.2%419$100,8836042.0%
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)1T54.6%799$125,5896777.0%
Lehigh University18T55.7%204$41,59562934.0%
Villanova University983.5%298$66,00057723.5%
Santa Clara University (Leavey)131T98.0%106$83,5105823.0%
North Carolina State University (Jenkins)15T70.7%333$46,1555653.5%
Washington State University18T78.8%935$43,3685417.5%
University of Maryland (Smith)10T70.2%436$88,7766049.4%
Drexel University (LeBow)54T31.3%252$63,9945754.0%
University of Utah (Eccles)18T78.7%152$58,0005679.6%
Baylor University (Hankamer)47T75.7%391$60,7246871.7%
University of Florida463.6%504$58,00057640.0%
University of Texas-Dallas (Jindal)6T50.6%303$93,17957721.0%
The College of William & Mary (Mason)28T85.4%387$64,3005366.7%
Jack Welch Management InstituteNR24.8%1,919$59,808NANA
University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Isenberg)28T66.3%1,414$35,9835942.9%
University of Arizona (Eller)10T67.5%345$51,5255599.0%
University of Denver (Daniels)109T79.8%308$83,2203800.01%
University of Nebraska-Lincoln22T84.9%443$31,20061622.4%
University of South Florida (Muma)95T60.0%78$28,80057527.0%
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga62T60.7%193$25,21250722.0%
Arizona State University (W. P. Carey)10T54.6%450$61,54558746.0%
American University (Kogod)74T49.6%531$78,2885000.6%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute123T72.7%130$77,2806401.0%
SUNY Oswego54T90.2%223$27,76451058.0%
University of North Dakota (Nistler)35T92.8%127$18,39156335.0%
University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium10T92.6%330$28,80057542.9%
University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Manning)22T90.7%925$19,6505792.0%
University of Delaware (Lerner)47T68.7%478$41,8006037.4%
Hofstra University40T83.5%52$54,502NANA
Ohio University109T92.1%853$36,7856100.6%
Louisiana State University88T70.0%245$19,9804951.1%
Florida International University62T55.2%871$42,0005100.3%
Imperial College Business SchoolNR28.8%283$48,6116501.4%
Northeastern University (D’Amore-McKim)102T77.0%628$82,000NANA
University of Michigan-Dearborn95T53.2%242$32,5806103.0%
University of Cincinnati (Lindner)62T59.8%367$44,6406372.0%
Oklahoma State University (Spears)40T50.2%230$20,94759241.5%
Kennesaw State University74T65.6%191$24,4705758.2%
Rochester Institute of Technology (Saunders)28T33.3%30$78,000NANA
Rogers State UniversityNR93.7%27$10,880NANA
Syracuse (Whitman)54T83.0%1,362$87,4805642.0%
Creighton University (Heider)31T85.9%121$30,8216704.0%
Penn State World6T84.0%486$58,32057824.0%
Babson (Olin)31T89.0%268$90,710NANA
Illinois (Gies)NR53.0%2,844$21,999633NA

CMU Tepper was ranked first with a combined (verbal plus quant) GRE average of 324. Tepper managed to have an acceptance of 21%. It was among more than 17 business schools to have scored 10% GRE submissions.

The top five ranked schools include USC Marshall School of Business, Indiana Kelley, CMU Tepper, UNC Kenan-Flagler, and George Washington University. The average GRE score was close to 314.3.

Marshall led the average percentage of GRE submissions of 15.3% with more than 26%.

Average GRE Scores of the top P&Q Online MBA Ranked business school in 2021

Business SchoolAverage GRE Score% of candidates reporting GRE score
Carnegie Mellon University32421.00%
Kennesaw State University322.51.90%
University of Cincinnati3201.00%
Indiana University31513.00%
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill3144.00%
Lehigh University31416.00%
University of Maryland3147.40%
University of Washington31449.00%
University of Nebraska-Lincoln313.510.90%
Baylor University312.51.20%
Oklahoma State University312.436.00%
University of Massachusetts-Amherst31210.50%
University of Southern California31027.00%
North Carolina State University3105.20%
Auburn University30917.00%
George Washington University30912.00%
University of Utah30911.70%
University of Delaware30915.00%
University of Michigan-Dearborn3095.00%
University of North Dakota3083.00%
University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium3089.40%
University of Texas-Dallas30724.00%
Arizona State University30734.00%
American University306.33.50%
Villanova University30614.30%
University of Florida30537.00%
SUNY Oswego3056.30%
University of South Florida30415.00%
The College of William & Mary3044.70%
University of Arizona3046.00%
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga30323.00%
Santa Clara University3026.00%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute3007.10%
Drexel University2986.00%
Louisiana State University2982.20%
Creighton University2964.00%
Florida International University2910.36%
University of Denver2892.20%
Imperial College Business School1550.70%
Washington State University1512.00%
Ohio University149.751.30%
Jack Welch Management Institute00.20%
Rochester Institute of Technology00.00%
Rogers State University00.00%
Northeastern University00.00%
Hofstra University00.00%
University of Massachusetts-Lowell00.00%
Jack Welch Management Institute00.00%
Rochester Institute of Technology00.00%
Rogers State University00.00%
Northeastern University00.00%
Hofstra University00.00%


The undergraduate grade point average is a crucial part of the MBA admissions. Candidates are ranked based on the ranks and scores they received during their undergraduate courses.

Business SchoolAverage Under-Graduate GPA
Louisiana State University3.02
University of Denver3.09
Jack Welch Management Institute3.1
University of Southern California3.12
Drexel University3.12
The College of William & Mary3.13
Santa Clara University3.13
Hofstra University3.13
Baylor University3.14
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill3.2
George Washington University3.2
Rochester Institute of Technology3.2
University of Maryland3.2
Ohio University3.2
Florida International University3.22
Northeastern University3.22
Villanova University3.23
Rogers State University3.25
Kennesaw State University3.28
North Carolina State University3.29
University of Delaware3.29
Creighton University3.34
University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium3.34
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga3.348
Auburn University3.36
SUNY Oswego3.36
University of Cincinnati3.369
University of Massachusetts-Amherst3.38
University of Nebraska-Lincoln3.38
Lehigh University3.39
University of Florida3.39
University of Utah3.4
Carnegie Mellon University3.4
Arizona State University3.4
University of North Dakota3.41
Oklahoma State University3.41
University of South Florida3.42
Indiana University3.42
University of Washington3.42
Washington State University3.43
Imperial College Business School3.43
University of Massachusetts-Lowell3.45
University of Arizona3.45
University of Michigan-Dearborn3.46
University of Texas-Dallas3.48
Worcester Polytechnic Institute3.54
American University3

Work Experience

The average work experience for incoming classes during academic year 2019-2020 at the top online MBA programs is tabulated below:

Business SchoolRankAverage Work-Ex of 2020 batch
George Washington University415
Jack Welch Management Institute2015
Rochester Institute of Technology4615
Hofstra University3511.8
Baylor University1611.5
University of Massachusetts-Lowell3311.5
University of Massachusetts-Amherst2111.3
University of Utah1510.9
Santa Clara University1010.6
University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium3210.5
Kennesaw State University4510.3
University of Arizona2210.08
Imperial College Business School3910
Northeastern University4110
Rogers State University4710
University of Denver2310
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill510
University of South Florida2510
University of Southern California310
Washington State University1210
Villanova University79.8
Drexel University149.77
SUNY Oswego309.26
Indiana University19
North Carolina State University118.8
Lehigh University68.77
University of Nebraska-Lincoln248.5
University of Washington98.2
Louisiana State University378
The College of William & Mary198
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga268
University of Texas-Dallas188
Florida International University387.7
University of Maryland137.33
Ohio University367.1
Oklahoma State University447
University of Cincinnati437
Worcester Polytechnic Institute297
Creighton University (Heider)406.85
University of North Dakota316.5
University of Michigan-Dearborn426.49
Carnegie Mellon University26.4
University of Florida176.33
Arizona State University276
Auburn University86
American University285.8
University of Delaware345.56

Application to Admission acceptance rates for top online MBA programs, the toughest online MBA programs to get into

Business SchoolRankAcceptance Rate 2020
Jack Welch Management Institute24.80%
Imperial College Business School3931.30%
Drexel University (LeBow)1433.30%
Rochester Institute of Technology (Saunders)4649.60%
American University (Kogod)2849.70%
University of South Florida (Muma)2550.20%
Oklahoma State University (Spears)4450.60%
University of Texas-Dallas (Jindal)1853.20%
University of Michigan-Dearborn4254.60%
Arizona State University (W. P. Carey)2754.60%
University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler)555.20%
Florida International University3855.70%
Lehigh University656.00%
Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)259.80%
University of Cincinnati (Lindner)4360.70%
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga2663.60%
University of Florida1764.90%
University of Southern California (Marshall)365.60%
Kennesaw State University4565.90%
Indiana University (Kelley)166.30%
University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Isenberg)2167.20%
Auburn University (Harbert)867.50%
University of Arizona (Eller)2268.70%
University of Delaware (Lerner)3469.80%
Louisiana State University (Ourso)3770.20%
University of Maryland (Smith)1370.70%
North Carolina State University (Jenkins)1172.70%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Foisie)2975.70%
Baylor University (Hankamer)1677.00%
Northeastern University (D’Amore-McKim)4178.70%
University of Utah (Eccles)1578.80%
Washington State University (Carson)1279.30%
George Washington University479.80%
University of Denver (Daniels)2382.80%
University of Washington (Foster)983.50%
Villanova University783.50%
Hofstra University (Zarb)3584.90%
University of Nebraska-Lincoln2485.40%
The College of William & Mary (Mason)1985.90%
Creighton University (Heider)4090.20%
University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Manning)3392.10%
Ohio University3692.60%
University of Wisconsin Consortium3292.80%
University of North Dakota (Nistler)3193.70%
Rogers State University4798.00%
Santa Clara University (Leavey)10NA
Southern Illinois UniversityNRNA
Syracuse University (Whitman)NRNA



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