ROI of Online MBA

Multiple factors reflect upon the Return on investment in pursuing an MBA course. The knowledge acquired by content students, salary offered after graduation, and the number of responsibilities and roles students takes after completion of their course.

Here is a list of some of the schools which top the list of 2020 Financial Times Global Online MBA Ranking. As per the ranking, Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom tops the parameters of highest ROI.

Rank in 2020Business schoolCountryProgram nameSalary today (US$)Salary increase (%)Value for money rankCareer progress rankAims achieved (%)
1Warwick Business SchoolUKWarwick Distance Learning MBA204799402180
2IE Business SchoolSpainGlobal Online MBA163788366676
3University of Massachusetts Amherst: IsenbergUSIsenberg Online MBA168046463483
4University of North Carolina: Kenan-FlaglerUS[email protected]1716652610779
5Indiana University: KelleyUSKelley Direct Online Programs148934307583
6University of Florida: WarringtonUSOnline MBA126535418983
7Durham University Business SchoolUKOnline MBA142892274382
8Northeastern University: D’Amore-McKimUSOnline MBA137104309278
9Politecnico di Milano School of ManagementItalyInternational Flex MBA144316405870
10University of Bradford School of ManagementUKMBA Distance Learning1285243411073

Is an Online MBA Program Respected?

Earlier, students did not consider online MBA courses or other general degrees to be equal to the value of on-campus programs. However, today, with the growth of online programs and options, employers consider online learning similar to any other type of course. Independence and motivation are the key elements of completing online courses, and the employers not only understand that but admire it as well. With the increase in the number of graduates for MBA programs, the employers are ensured of the skills that they bring to their business. Today employers hire professionals who hold degrees of online MBA programs from reputed universities.

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Earlier only a few universities and private institutes offered online MBA options, however, with the emergence of pandemic top-ranked universities and business schools offer fully online and hybrid MBA programs including Penn State, University of Southern California, and Johns Hopkins. May top business schools use similar syllabus and curriculum for MBA courses compared to the regular ones.  Sometimes similar lecturers are used to delivering education to the students. Similar degrees and diplomas are offered to the students pursuing online classes and becoming traditional graduates with equal educational degrees. With the emerging online MBA Graduates, The Employers Realise the skills of the students that they bring to the workplace.

Online MBA course is not only convenient for the students already working or studying, but it gives the benefit of working at your own time. This is a perfect opportunity for students who are working to continue both work and studies at the same time without relocating or attending a full-time program. The News and World Report of the U.S, around 91% of the students pursuing an online MBA program are working. Employers are appreciating the online students for their hard work and dedication by managing both work and studies at the same time. Hiring managers look for online options for long-term projects and continuous learning because they understand the value of online work.

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Online MBA courses attract students from all around the world with subjective backgrounds and various professions. It is observed that online course students bring diverse experiences and can provide varieties of perspectives to the program. According to the News and World Report Survey of the U.S, it is seen that online MBA pursuers are more in number than on-campus studs. There is a ratio of 33:27 online and on-campus students in top business schools. Therefore, online students have a lot of benefits due to their diverse backgrounds and different perspectives. It is a great experience for business professionals at the workplace as they are comfortable working with teams and work professionally sharing global perspectives and new ideas to the business.

However, not all online MBA courses can provide a high-quality education level. Therefore, the students applying for. the course must check the accreditation status of the programs before sending their application. The online programs from accredited institutes have similar educational standards to on-campus programs. This, ensuring that the online courses meet similar educational standards to on-campus courses. AACSB, IACBE or ACBSP are some of her accreditations that the students must look for in their MBA programs.



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