IIM A Placements 2019 (MBA for Executives/ 1 Year MBA / ): Rs 60 Lac Highest, Rs 30 Lac Avg. India Salary


IIM Ahmedabad 2019 Placements – 1 Year MBA / MBA for Executives (PGPX)  – Full Report

IIM Ahmedabad has released the placement report for the One Year MBA / MBA for Executives (Post Graduate Program for Executives – PGPX) Class of 2019 on August 6, 2019.

IIM Ahmedabad is one of the few B-Schools to adhere to the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) as per which placement numbers are provided as per a pre-approved standard format and the all placement numbers are are audited for accuracy by an external agency. The IIM Ahmedabad 1 Year MBA / PGPX Placement Report 2019 has been audited by the Brickwork Ratings India Pvt Ltd.

The final placement process for the Class of 2019 of the IIM Ahmedabad One Year MBA Programme, the full-time Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (PGPX), started in November 2018 and was completed in June end 2019. 

IIM A 1 Year MBA / MBA for Executives Placements 2019  – Highlights

  • Higher domestic salary in 2019 compared to 2018: IIM Ahmedabad has shared that the highest domestic salary for One Year MBA / MBA For Executives (PGPX) has also gone up to Rs.60 Lacs per annum in 2019 as compared to Rs.54.6 LPA in 2018
  • Higher international Salary in 2019 compared to 2018: The international package of $ 109,666 (Rs.76.76 lakhs) is much higher than the highest package of $70,252 bagged by a student in 2018
  • The highest international salary figure is the same as the average international salary figure as there was only 1 international offer
  • Average domestic salary for PGPX in 2019: Rs.30,35,708
  • Minimum Domestic Salary for PGPX in 2019: Rs 17,00,000
  • 75 Recruiters offered 290 different roles
  • 27 New Recruiters made offers in Placement 2019
  • 114 offers were accepted by the students
  • One student was offered International Placement in Europe
  • Top Recruiters:McKinsey, Microsoft, Amazon, Ericsson, Google, Accenture, Adani Group, Adidas AG,  Genpact, HSBC, ICICI Bank, Infosys, OYO, Uber
  • 20 students of IIM Ahmedabad one year programme (PGPX) did not seek placements through the institute

Roles Offered 

Recruiters selected candidates for their mid-senior and senior level management positions.

Students were offered positions such as Group CFO, Vice President, Director-Sales, Associate Vice‑President, General Manager, Head of Operations, Principal Consultant, Senior Manager, Product Manager, and Implementation Coach.

Top Recruiters

75 firms offered 290 different roles in IIM Ahmedabad’s one year MBA / PGPX Placement 2019.

Accenture, RPG Group and Innoviti Payment Solutions made the largest number of offers.

Firms that made offers at IIM Ahmedabad one year MBA / PGPX placements 2019 included: Accenture, Adani Group, Adidas AG, Amazon, ElasticRun, Ericsson, Flipkart, Google, Genpact, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, Honeywell, HSBC, ICICI Bank, Indegene, Infosys, Innoviti Payment Solutions, KEC International, Lodha Group, Mastercard, McKinsey, Microsoft, Omniactive, OYO, Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion, Persistent Systems, Riddhi Siddhi Group, Uber among others.

Students starting their own ventures  

Three students this year have opted to pursue entrepreneurship. 

Two of these will work on their venture under the guidance and mentor-ship of Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE). The three students taking up entrepreneurship have been provided a placement holiday for two years.

A placement holiday allows students to come back to campus for placement in-case their venture does not take off and they want to return to corporate jobs. 

Top Domains & Sectors

The graduating students accepted a total of 114 offers from firms across sectors such as Consulting, BFSI, Conglomerates, FMCG, E-Commerce, Technology, IT and ITeS, Energy, Logistics, Pharma, FinTech and Real Estate.

Information Technology firms formed the largest sector of offers with 47 offers rolled out, followed by BFSI, Engineering/Technology, and Online Services with 15, 11, and 9 offers respectively.

Rising Demand from Recruiters

Prof. Amit Karna, Chairperson of the Placement Committee said, “We were pleased to note that 27 new recruiters were able to successfully participate in our campus placement process and hire the best talent for their organizational needs.”

Pramathesh Shukla, PGPX Recruitment Secretary said, “In line with the global recruitment trends, we are witnessing a growing demand for candidates from programmes like PGPX in organizations. This year along with the traditional sectors such as IT, Consulting, Telecom and FMCG, we also witnessed substantial growth in offers from E-commerce and FinTech sectors.”

Past Placement Records


IIM Ahmedabad PGPX 2019-2020 Batch Profile

The participants of the thirteenth batch of IIM Ahmedabad one year MBA (PGPX) came from varied backgrounds with rich experience ranging from 5 to 17 years.

    • Total candidates admitted: 140 students
    • 108 Male candidates and 32 Females
    • Average Age: 32 Years
    • Average Work Experience: 8.9 Years
    • Diverse work experience: 21 Industries and 140 companies represented
    • Average International Experience possessed by Students 1.5 Years
    • 9.29% of NRIs admitted reside outside India, spread across 6 countries
    • 35% of the batch has worked abroad before joining IIMA PGPX 2019
    • Average GMAT Score: 702
    • Average GRE Score: 320


Course Profile – 1 Year MBA / MBA for Executives (PGPX) At IIM Ahmedabad

The Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (MBA-PGPX) at IIM Ahmedabad is one of the leading one-year, full-time, residential MBA programmes.

It is designed by the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad for bright, enthusiastic, and aspirational executives with substantial professional experience. 

For the past five years including 2019, with ‘Get-Ready-for-Top-Management’ focus the PGPX programme is consistently ranked among top-5 in the world on Financial Times Career Progression category in the annual Financial Times Global MBA Ranking.

Placement Facts:

Classification of Entire Placement pool

Categories Number
1. Number of Eligible students 137
  1a.   Number of students graduating in 2019 137
  1b.  Number of ITEC* programme scholars 0
  1c.   Number of students returning from placement holidays 0
2. Number of students who did not seek placement through the institute 20
  2a.    Company sponsored or already employed 0
  2b.   Continuing education 0
  2c.    Postponing job search / seeking placement holiday 1
  2d.   Entrepreneurship (starting a new business ) 2
  2e.    Returning to / joining family business 0
  2f.    Seeking placement outside the campus placement process 17
3. Total who sought placements through the institute 117
4. Total offers accepted 114
5. Number Unplaced if any  3

* Indian technical and economic corporation (ITEC) program scholarship recipients are participants from developing countries who return to their respective nations post successful completion of the program.

Location-wise classification

Location Number of offers Accepted
India 113
Europe 1
Total  114


Location-wise classification (Domestic)

Locations in India Number of offers Accepted
Ahmedabad 7
Bengaluru 35
Chandigarh  3
Chennai 4
Hyderabad 7
Jaipur 2
Mumbai 15
Delhi NCR 23
Pune 12
Rest of India* 5
Total 113

* Rest of India Includes Indore, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mundra & Vijaywada

Sector-wise Classification

  Total number of offers

Sector Domestic International Total
BFSI 15 0 15
Conglomerate 3 0 3
Consulting 2 0 2
Consumer Goods (FMCG) 2 1 3
Engineering / Technology 11 0 11
Environment & Energy 2 0 2
Information Technology 47 0 47
Logistics 4 0 4
Manufacturing 4 0 4
Online services 9 0 9
Pharmaceutical / Healthcare 3 0 3
Real State 4 0 4
Telecom 3 0 3
others* 4 0 4
Total 113 1 114

*Others includes Government funded bodies and institutes

Sector-wise classification

Function-wise classification

Function Domestic International Total
Business Development 5 0 5
Consulting 5 0 5
Finance 15 0 15
General Management 22 0 22
Market / sales 15 0 15
Operations 15 0 15
Research & Advisory 1 0 1
Strategy 5 0 5
Supply Chain Management 4 0 4
System / IT 22 1 23
others* 4 0 4
Total 113 1 114

*Others includes EA to CXO & Business analytics functions

Function-wise placement

Salary Heads – Domestic INR

Salary HeadMinMaxMedianMeanData
Fixed yearly cash component15,42,54040,00,00023,39,17223,91,997113
One Time Cash Payment40,0007,00,0002,50,0002,82,89343
Total Guaranteed Cash Component15,42,54044,00,00024,00,00024,99,646113
Maximum earning Potential17,00,00060,00,00030,00,00030,35,708113

Salary Heads – International (US$)*

Salary HeadMinMaxMedianMeanData
Fixed yearly cash component84,27184,27184,27184,2711
One Time Cash Payment12,77512,77512,77512,7751
Total Guaranteed Cash Component97,02697,02697,02697,0261
Maximum earning Potential109,666109,666109,666109,6661

* For international salaries, all conversations to US$ are made as per average of closing rates on 25th June 2019

Data is sourced from international monetary fund (IMF). Link: https://www.imf/external/np/fin/data/rms_mth.aspx?SelectDate=2019-06-25&ReportType=REP

Salary Statistics at purchasing power parity(PPP)*

Salary in US$ in PPPMinMaxMedianMeanData
INR Salary (Total Guaranteed Cash Component)85,223243,094132,597138,102113
Non-INR Salary (Total Guaranteed Cash Component)106,500106,500106,500106,5001
Combined INR and Non-INR Salary (Total Guaranteed Cash Component)85,223243,094132,597137,825114
INR salary (Maximum earning potential)93,923331,492165,746167,719113
Non-INR Salary (Maximum earning potential)120,375120,375120,375120,3751
Combined INR and Non-INR Salary (Maximum earning potential)93,923331,492165,746167,303114

Salary statistics at purchasing power parity(PPP) adjusted exchange rates

* As per PPP conversation rate of 2018 for all the available currencies from the World Development Indicators (WDI) database of the world bank.
Data is sourced from http://wdi.worldbank/table/4.16
Sector-wise classification 

Fixed Yearly Cash Component Domestic INR

Consumer Goods (FMCG)28,96,23329,36,07029,16,15229,16,1522
Engineering / Technology18,19,35623,59,92521,65,92821,35,93211
Environment & Energy24,21,42030,00,00027,10,71027,10,7102
Information Technology15,87,64840,00,00022,29,50423,62,79947
Online services24,00,00035,00,00025,50,00026,43,6889
Pharmaceutical / Healthcare33,61,32037,00,00031,61,32034,74,2133
Real State28,27,98035,00,00030,07,98030,85,9854

*Others includes Government funded bodies and institutes

One Time Cash Payment Component Domestic in INR

Consumer Goods (FMCG)----------
Engineering / Technology----------
Environment & Energy----------
Information Technology40,0005,00,0003,00,0002,66,01329
Online services2,00,0007,00,0007,00,0005,33,3333
Pharmaceutical / Healthcare3,00,0003,00,0003,00,0003,00,0001
Real State----------

*Others includes Government funded bodies and institutes

Sector-wise Classification of Total Guaranteed Cash Component-Domestic(INR)

Consumer Goods (FMCG)28,96,23329,36,07029,16,15229,16,1522
Engineering / Technology18,19,35623,59,92521,65,92821,35,93211
Environment & Energy24,21,42030,00,00027,10,71027,10,7102
Information Technology15,87,64844,00,00024,00,00025,26,93547
Online services24,00,00035,00,00028,78,40028,21,4669
Pharmaceutical / Healthcare33,61,32040,00,00033,61,32035,74,2133
Real State28,27,98035,00,00030,07,98030,85,9854

*Others includes Government funded bodies and institutes

Maximum Earning Potential Domestic (INR)

Consumer Goods (FMCG)33,00,00035,58,66734,29,33434,29,3342
Engineering / Technology21,00,00030,00,00025,50,02425,21,92011
Environment & Energy29,99,99960,00,00045,00,00045,00,0002
Information Technology20,60,00453,00,00030,00,00031,94,30947
Online services30,00,00042,75,30735,00,00035,41,3189
Pharmaceutical / Healthcare40,00,00040,00,00040,00,00040,00,0003
Real State25,00,02848,12,50025,00,02838,28,1464

*Others includes Government funded bodies and institutes

Sector-wise classification of Salary International in US$

Consumer Goods (FMCG)84,27184,27184,27184,2711

One Time Cash component International in US $

Consumer Goods (FMCG)12,77512,77512,77512,7751

Total Guaranteed Cash component International in US $

Consumer Goods (FMCG)97,02697,02697,02697,0261

Maximum Earning potential International in US $

Consumer Goods(FMCG)109,666109,666109,666109,6661

Function-wise classification:

Fixed yearly cash component Domestic (In INR)

Business Development18,72,00028,80,00023,39,17224,24,6655
General Management17,00,00035,00,00023,49,12923,92,46522
Market / sales18,78,38429,36,07023,40,22024,14,68515
Research & Advisory30,00,00030,00,00030,00,00030,00,0001
Supply Chain Managemnet18,19,35626,41,55822,46,33022,38,3944
System / IT15,42,54040,00,00026,14,20025,85,63522

*Others includes EA to CXO & Business analytics functions

One Time Cash Payment Component

Business Development -- -- -- -- --
Finance -- -- -- -- --
General Management1,50,0004,00,0002,25,0002,37,5008
Market / sales40,0002,08,8711,75,5171,32,8785
Research & Advisory5,00,0005,00,0005,00,0005,00,0001
Supply Chain Managemnet5,00,0005,00,0005,00,0005,00,0001
System / IT1,50,0007,00,0003,00,0003,77,7789

*Others includes EA to CXO & Business analytics functions

Total guaranteed Cash Component

Business Development18,72,00028,80,00023,39,17224,24,6655
General Management17,00,00035,00,00023,79,96324,78,82922
Market / sales18,78,38429,93,81425,15,73724,58,97715
Research & Advisory35,00,00035,00,00035,00,00035,00,0001
Supply Chain Managemnet18,19,35631,41,55822,46,33023,63,3944
System / IT15,42,54044,00,00027,00,00027,40,18122

*Others includes EA to CXO & Business analytics functions

Maximum earning potential

Business Development20,00,00036,00,00027,00,00029,00,0065
General Management17,00,00060,00,00030,00,00030,81,47822
Market / sales23,33,40938,00,00032,00,00030,42,40515
Research & Advisory44,90,00044,90,00044,90,00044,90,0001
Supply Chain Managemnet21,00,00032,00,00026,33,35426,41,6774
System / IT20,10,37253,00,0003,00,00032,68,77522

*Others includes EA to CXO & Business analytics functions

Function-wise classification of Salary International in US$

Fixed Salary Cash Component

System / IT84,27184,27184,27184,2711

One Time Cash component

System / IT12,77512,77512,77512,7751

Total Guaranteed cash component

System / IT97,02697,02697,02697,0261

System / IT109,666109,666109,666109,6661

Description of salary heads
a) Fixed yearly cash component:
This is the total annual basic salary and additional guaranteed cash components. These additional components include cash payments and allowances that are part of the annual package. The term guaranteed signifies that the amount is certain unless there is an overall pay revision. The components falling under this salary head are final and not related to the performance.
b) One Time cash payment:
This head indicates the value of the remuneration given to a candidate as one-time cash benefit mostly at the time of joining.
c) Total Guaranteed Cash Component:
This is the sum of fixed yearly cash component and one time and one time cash payment.
d) Maximum earning potential:
This is the sum of total guaranteed cash component, maximum possible-linked variable pay and all other components of the salary that are part of the offer. This can include PF, gratuity, and other perks as well.
Source 1
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IIM A Placements 2019 (MBA for Executives/ 1 Year MBA / ): Rs 60 Lac Highest, Rs 30 Lac Avg. India Salary
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